Amazon Week 20 - 2023

Top Posts

  1. Discover Amazon traffic secrets of 2022. Search dominates sales, email conversion rates soar, social media drives awareness, extra product sales rise by 24.5%, and video excels in cross-selling. Thanks, Prem.

  2. Variety & Size' attributes are now highlighted in Amazon search. Amazon's new feature is a game-changer in the Beverages Category. Now, it displays the 'Variety & Size' attribute with product details in search results, helping buyers choose the perfect drink. Thanks, Yogesh.

  3. Amazon's first page: ads dominate, organic listings squeeze in. Compared to last year, "dog toy" search results show similar ad saturation, with 4 of the top 5 sections being ads. Sponsored and organic listings mingle above the fold, followed by 9 rows of pure organic. Thanks, Joe.

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Top Design

Benefits of having lifestyle images for your product:

  • Enhanced storytelling: Lifestyle photography captures authentic moments and emotions, allowing you to tell a compelling story that resonates with your audience.

  • Relatable and aspirational: Lifestyle photography creates relatable visuals that inspire and connect with viewers, making them feel a personal connection to the brand or product.

  • Engaging and shareable: Lifestyle photography grabs attention and encourages social sharing, increasing brand visibility and fostering organic engagement.

George Patagonia W Trek 2022

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