Amazon Week 18 - 2023

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Top 5

  1. Amazon may auto-pause under performing SD ads. This subtle update may not affect many sellers but raises questions about the possible application of Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands in the future. Thanks, Dustin.

  2. Discover the future of SDV ads on PDP. Sponsored Display Video (SDV) ads on Product Detail Pages (PDP) can boost your visibility and sales. Take control with pause, play, and sound options. Thanks, Prem.

  3. No more "Revert" on Amazon Dashboard. Amazon removed the "Revert" option from the Repeat Purchase Dashboard, but some users report missing data. Thanks, Himanshu.

  4. Maximize SB Ads with ASIN Engagement Metrics. Discover how new API data for Stores' ASIN engagement metrics can help improve your Sponsored Brands Ads' performance and stay ahead of the competition. Thanks, Dustin.

  5. Maximize Revenue with Top of Search Adjustments. Using dynamic bid adjustments for Top of Search (TOS) placement can boost your campaign performance, as shown in this case study with a $1.3k revenue increase in 2 weeks and 10% lower ACOS. Thanks, Himanshu.

Top Design

3 benefits of great hero images:

  • Increase CTR: standout in SERP, get clicked.

  • Increased CVR: build trust in SERP, increase conversion after the click.

  • Drive ranking: higher CTR + CVR lead to high BSR.

We collected 483 examples from Best Sellers here. And we’re adding more every week.

Question: how important is it you maximise your CTR this year?

Other Learnings

  1. Micro-influencer boosts sales with authenticity. This micro-influencer video skyrocketed a product's sales rank from 100k to 400 BSR overnight and increased the Amazon price by 25%. Thanks, Isaiah.

  2. Amazon is steadily evolving from a retailer to a marketplace. With third-party sellers driving growth and profitability. This shift brings both opportunities and challenges for the e-commerce giant. Thanks, Marketplace Pulse.

  3. Amazon Ads evolves with machine learning updates. Amazon Ads leads the charge in a cookie-less world, introducing machine learning enhancements to its demand-side platform (DSP) before IAB NewFronts. Thanks, Jeffrey.

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