Amazon Week 17 -2023

The greatest impact on CTR

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Top 5

  1. Your main image is the most important part of your listing. It earns the click. No click, no sale. This month we will be comparing thousands of page 1 main images, across all categories, and adding the best to our Design Examples. I’ll increase the price from £90 to £120 for new customers when it launches. All current customers will pay £0 extra. Lock in your price here.

  2. Page 1 main image battle example. Thanks, Daniel.

  3. A+ doesn’t impact SEO as you’d think it would. Debate continue. I favour beauty over SEO personally. But this could achieve both. Thanks, My Amazon Guy.

  4. Amazon Advertising has made a game-changing update. Sponsored product ads retarget customers based on their product detail page views at the brand level. Thanks, Destaney.

  5. Do bullets matter at all now with this widget? Infographics sell more than bullets IMO. This reinforces it. Thanks, Sanket.

Top Design

SB Ads:

  • Increased visibility: Sponsored Brand Ads appear at the top of search results, giving your products prime exposure to potential customers.

  • Brand awareness: These ads showcase your logo and a custom headline, helping establish and reinforce your brand identity.

  • Conversion rate: I believe with an image like the below showcasing benefits so clearly, heavy lifting has been done before the PDP.

We got you covered! We’ve got almost 500 Sponsored Brand Ads examples here.

Other Learnings

  1. Amazon's mysterious Rank 32 penalty. Thanks, Michael.

  2. Amazon now tags products as "ships from nearby". Thanks, Prem.

  3. Amazon's Image Manager now lets you add videos and 3D models. Thanks, Saad.

  4. $1m revenue = $56k profit. Thanks, Aaron.

  5. TikTok introduces featured snippets. Thanks, Carrie.

  6. Amazon MYCE engagement tool. Thanks, Giorgia.

  7. Hat seller earns $1M on TikTok with super basic site. Thanks, Tim.

  8. Reddit's API goes from free to monetization. Thanks, Dean.

  9. Panasonic's vintage 1980s ad is a marketing goldmine. Thanks, Olga.

  10. Score top Prime Day deals, but there's a catch! Discover the difference. Thanks, Klaidas.

  11. Walmart's listing framework. Thanks, Mike.

  12. How to reviews impact CVR? Thanks, Joshua.

  13. Walmart gets cozy with AI for vendor talks. Thanks, Martin.

  14. New Amazon A/B Test. "Sales Past Week" & "Viewed Last Week" in search results. Thanks, Thomas.

  15. Ditch 'Negative Phrase Match’? Thanks, Dustin.

  16. Four Best Seller badges. Child variations are now scoring separate real estate on non-branded searches. Thanks, Destaney.

  17. OOS products still advertised? Thanks, Prem.

  18. Amazon DSP thrives without cookies with 1P data. Thanks, Dave.

  19. Amazon Q1 ad revenue skyrockets to $9.5B. Earnings reveal a whopping 23% growth in ad revenue, outpacing AWS growth rate (16%). Thanks, Sreenath.

  20. Maximize your storefront conversion with these 5 tips. Get storefront inspo here. Thanks, Keith.

  21. Pinterest announces a multi-year ad partnership with Amazon Ads. Thanks, Melissa.

  22. Instagram and Facebook are set to introduce "force checkout" in Shops. Thanks, Dean.

  23. Unpaid invoices plague Amazon vendors. Thanks, Martin.

  24. Amazon's Q1 2023 report shows progress on expenses. But Walmart's online growth outpaces Amazon's by 50%. Thanks, Rick.

  25. Boost cross-selling on Amazon by using lifestyle photos. Thanks, Jason.

  26. Excel trick to improve your advertising productivity. Thanks, Adam.

  27. Amazon's Robin robots hit 1 billion packages. Thanks, Martin.

  28. Amazon Advertising saw a 21% YoY growth in the recent quarter. Thanks, Colin.

  29. ACoS obsession could limit growth and market share. Thanks, Elizabeth.

  30. Amazon's still recovering, with delivery times not back to normal yet. Thanks, Juozas.

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