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  • A 4.7x increase in PPC sales, with 10% lower ACOS

A 4.7x increase in PPC sales, with 10% lower ACOS

Amazon Advertising Lessons - May 26

In this week’s email, we would like to share a recent case study from one of our accounts, where we were able to generate a 4.7x increase in monthly PPC sales, with 10% lower ACOS.

Importantly, this didn’t happen overnight. Over the last year since we started managing, there has been a constant upward growth month-over-month.

PPC Case Study

Month-over-Month performance screenshot

  • Last year, we started at €2k in monthly PPC sales. Now, we're at €9.4k.

  • We've doubled our sales this year vs the same period LY (€3k then, €9.4k now).

  • Our ACOS went down by 23%, from 61% to 38%.

  • Total sales are up by 65% vs LY.

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How did we do it?

We focused on the things that matter. In summary:

🚀 Building a solid campaign structure:

We started with an optimum campaign structure, that would allow us to scale up efficiently with minimum wasted spend.

  • For this, we set up separate campaigns for each product. Each campaign was split by,

  • Target groups; from related to highly relevant.

  • Target density; with less than 20 keywords or product targets per campaign; for increased exposure

  • Match type (Broad and/or Broad modifier, or Phrase, or Exact)

This helped us manage bids and budgets effectively, gain more control, and get more granular data to make informed decisions.

🚀 Using best practices

With PPC, there are several best practices that help move in the right direction. These include:

  • Regular bid optimization

  • Placement level adjustments: Top of Search had higher ROI, we directed most of the spend towards it

  • Keywords funnel; from research to ranking

  • Negative targeting (on broad, phrase, and auto campaigns)

  • A balance between bids and daily budget, to ensure campaigns are not going OOB.

🚀 Focused strategies and tracking

  • Each product is different, so we used different strategies for each one.

  • Some had high click-through rates, while others led to more overall sales.

  • We ran a variety of strategies and used all available ad types to reach more shoppers.

  • In our reports, we track individual product TACOS (target based on business goals and significance)

🚀 Jumping on new features & updates

Amazon has introduced many new features over the past year.

We made the most of these, using things like video creatives, lifestyle images, new contextual targeting, retargeting, and the new dashboard tools for extra insights.

🚀 Optimizing listing for conversion

  • We made sure each listing was as good as it could be

  • We leveraged PPC data to add more search terms

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